Keynote Speaker

Artificial Intelligence – Signs of lift off across industries! What’s different than before and what’s next?

The presentation will include an overview of the types of AI that are being adopted across industries today with use cases that illustrate the practical value being generated, thoughts on how emerging AI techniques can create even more value and a discussion of the opportunities and challenges that need to be managed to prevent another “AI winter”.

Paul Blase

CEO and Co-Founder at Speciate AI

Speciate AI was founded by former leaders of PwC’s global data analytics consulting team. Their experience advising Fortune 500 companies on how to apply advanced data and analytics techniques gave them insights that led them to launch Speciate AI.

Paul Blase is a co-founder of Speciate AI which is spin-out from tronc. Formerly Paul was the managing partner of tronc’s AI and data solutions division responsible for building a portfolio of businesses and products that monetize data. Prior to that Paul was PwC’s U.S. and global analytics advisory leader responsible for capturing the market opportunity associated with helping its clients use advanced analytics and data techniques and technologies to improve the performance of their businesses across. During his time at PwC, Paul designed and launched PwC’s U.S. and global analytics and data operating model and managed investments across a team of nearly 1,700 practitioners with deep skill sets in data and analytics. Paul led the creation of a portfolio of analytic apps and launch of PwC’s global Analytic Apps Marketplace to provide analytics solutions to its clients. Prior to being acquired by PwC, Paul was a Managing Partner at Diamond Management & Technology Consultants where his responsibilities included leading its cross-industry Service Lines, insurance practice and enterprise practice. Paul’s speaking and publications forums include the Chicago Council of Global Affairs, Palo Alto Venture Forum, Oracle Openworld, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, World Economic Forum, Corinium CAO Forum, AI World, and Forbes. Paul holds an M.B.A from M.I.T. Sloan School of Management with a focus on new product & venture development and a B.A. double major in Economics and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences Honors Program.

Paul Blase