Poster Competition

Poster submission is now CLOSED!


A major feature of Mind Bytes is the poster session which is designed to enable the exchange of ideas across disciplines and reward researchers' work. Any researchers at the University of Chicago are eligible to submit their work.

The posters should represent research projects that leveraged the RCC's resources and that showcase the application of either high-end computing, data science or visualization in their research.


Posters should be PDF files with the dimensions 48” wide x 35” high (landscape) and with a pixel density of 200 dpi. To view previous years’ posters, browse below:

Mind Bytes 2017 poster submissions Mind Bytes 2015 poster submissions Mind Bytes 2014 poster submissions Mind Bytes 2018 poster submissions


The RCC will print all posters and display them in Ida Noyes Hall during the event. Please note the RCC will print only one copy. If you make changes and resubmit a poster you may be responsible for printing the new copy.

Poster submission begins: September 6, 2019.

Poster submission due date: October 28, 2019 5PM CST.

Data Science

The Data Science award is given to the research team that shows scientific methods, processes, and systems used in their data-driven research. The judges will evaluate the size and scope of researchers' data, the novelty of how they extracted knowledge or insights from the data, and the efficiency and innovation with which it was processed on the RCC's Midway compute resources.


The Computing prize will be awarded to a researcher whose poster demonstrates the best implementation and performance of the RCC's Midway compute cluster. Performance tuning and parallelization of codes are becoming increasingly important in order to effectively use modern hardware and implement complex algorithms. The judges are interested in code that runs on the greatest number of cores, the code that is best tuned to the existing hardware, and/or demonstrates the greatest performance speed-up when scaled.


The Visualization prize will be given to the researcher whose poster offers the most compelling data visualization of scientific research that utilizes the RCC's resources. Contestants will be evaluated on the novelty of the technology that they implement, the level of difficulty of their visualization, and the technical use of RCC resources to produce the visualization.

Judges will evaluate each poster with respect to its field and the researcher's unique ability to use RCC computational resources in novel ways.

This year the prize for the winning poster in each category is an Oculus Go headset.

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